Alpine Lake


Hello and welcome to this post where I'll be talking about the steps of painting "Alpine Lake".

I followed the painting of "Alpine lake" (Austria) by Viktor Yushkevich which is on YouTube [Link].

The medium is acrylic and canvas dimensions are 24×36".

First stage of Alpine Lake
Basic outline

First, the general contents were added. Rocky outcrop on the left, lake, right mountain shoulder, central distant mountains, and mid-mountain.

Second stage of Alpine Lake
Left tree, central forest scape, and distant mountains

The distant snow caps were completed, the base black layer for the left tree atop the rocky outcrop was applied, and the strip of illuminated forest was coloured bright yellow-green.

Third stage of Alpine Lake
Mid mountain details, left tree, rocky outcrop details

Highlights on the left tree atop the rocky outcrop were added. The rocky outcrop is detailed to form a brain-like texture. To the right of the rocky outcrop is a foreground hill but much detail wasn't put in since it will be more or less obscured by proximal trees. The distant blue mountain was brought to life with snow features using a palette knife.

Fourth stage of Alpine Lake
Foreground trees

The foreground trees were outlined with a base layer of black.

Fourth stage of Alpine Lake
Foreground tree details, the projection on which they reside, and illuminated forest

The foreground trees as well as the rocky projection on which they reside is detailed with a fan brush. The illuminated strip of forest across the lake is detailed using a jagged brush.

Fourth stage of Alpine Lake
Unilluminated forest and lake reflection

The remainder of the forest which isn't illuminated is completed. This was achieved by creating extremely dilute green-yellow (95% water), moistening the brush, drying the brush off, and carefully applying. The reflection was done similarly.

Fourth stage of Alpine Lake
Right mountain shoulder

Right mountain shoulder-this took the most time. First, the trees on the mountain were unsatisfactory so the entire region was repainted. Then, the strong blue colour was not fitting since it made the mountain appear as jello.

Fifth stage of Alpine Lake
Final product

Finally the right mountain shoulder was completed by carefully painting over the jello-blue with grey. Also, the distant mountain pyramid to the left was unsatisfactory so the shadowed side of it was redone.

This was a gift for my grandma which was promptly delivered to her on the same day as it's completion.

Mounted and framed 1
Mounted and framed 2
Mounted and framed on my grandma's wall

The colours as they appear on a screen are just not the same as in real life. Perhaps this is due to the poor quality of my phone camera.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Any comments are welcome at the Contact page!