First Post!


Hello and Welcome to my blog!

Making this website was quite the adventure since I had almost not experience to begin with and was adamant in not spending any money!

In this post, I will briefly explain how this blog came into existence.

The only free domain names are .tk domains (please inform me if this is false!) which you can register for at Originally, the domain name of my blog was which you can still access as a redirect to this website. Fortunately, it has changed to which is a bit easier to pronounce.

So once you register your *free* .tk domain, what about web hosting? Thankfully, a computer pro friend of mine Azlen acquainted me with Netlify, a free web hosting service. Netlify works for most simple static sites like this blog.

I use Bitbucket (free) to host the website's repository, and Sourcetree (free) as a GIT GUI client, that is to easily move my website files from my computer to Bitbucket and vice versa. Sourcetree is nice because it has a very nice version control interface so I can easily undo a bad line of code from a week ago for example.

Other random details, I use Notepad++ as my text editor (also free). This site runs Google Analytics and uses Google Search Console to help Google's web crawlers find it. Also you will find that I am using Google's ReCaptcha widget (v2), to prevent evil bots from damaging my site! (Actually, it's more of just for fun.)

I hope you enjoyed reading my first post, and am eagerly awaiting the many, many comments I will be receiving through the Contact page (hint hint).