Morning Lake


Hello and welcome to my blog, I will be showing you the process of my painting of "Morning Lake".

Since I am still very amateur, I followed a YouTube tutorial by JmLisondra [Link].

The canvas is 18×24" and I used Reeve's acrylic paints.

You can see the video for the steps but I will also describe them here.

First stage of Morning Lake
Sky and two mountains as well as foliage on lake island

First, the sky was painted as well as the clouds. Then, the left mountain and then the right one. The foliage on lake island was painted over the right mountain.

Second stage of Morning Lake
Lake, lake reflections, and grassy foreground base colour

The lake surface was added in and then the reflections. White streaks were applied to the reflections to imitate water contour but I am not too satisfied with the resulting effect. The foreground black base was applied.

Third stage of Morning Lake
Base colour of left tree, grass, and base colour for trail.

Grass texture was added with precise brush strokes of flat brush. "Hilly" contour was achieved by sequential addition of lighter green hues. The base brown colour was added for the trail, and base black colour to left tree. Shadow from left tree was also added.

Fourth stage of Morning Lake
Tall tree added.

A tall tree was added in the foreground.

Fifth stage of Morning Lake
Final product

The texture of the trail was also added, with track indentations implying that the trail is frequented by carriages or waggons. The last thing which I painted over several times was the left coniferous tree. I had messed it up so many times, each time the tree occupying more and more area. Eventually, I decided to stop it and add in many see through areas. I considered the painting finished. However, a few weeks later, my mom convinced me to redo the tree so I quickly layered a black coat and added little leaf texture. Now it was complete.

I hope you enjoyed reading about and looking at the process of creating this painting. Any comments are welcome at the Contact page!